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February, 22, 2002

New design improvements of Wizard Vib-Probes drive sales up in detector stores and specialty metal detector retailers across the U.S.

Van Nuys, California: Wizard Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the popular Wizard brand of specialized Metal Detectors, announces the release of the second generation pinpointing metal detector, the Wizard Vib-Probe. These precision mini-detector was designed to precisely locate coins, jewelry, relics, and other small, hard to find metal objects. The newly enhanced Wizard Vib-Probe complements deep scanning metal detectors for treasure seeking, or can be used as a search aide for forensics or archeological investigations.

Advanced circuitry assures maximum performance of the highly functional unit. A unique high-powered LED lights the search area on demand for more thorough visual search capabilities. An LED alert and switchable tone and vibration alerts allow for easy use in noisy environments. The Wizard Vib-Probe is quickly becoming the most popular probe on the market. The rugged Vib-Probe weighs only four ounces, is palm sized, is colored the familiar bright safety yellow, has an ergonomically shaped pistol grip, and has an ultra sensitive coil tip. The unique design allows easy one-handed precision use.

According to company CEO Billy Carmen, "The Wizard Vib-Probe is not only the most advanced pinpointer available but is also the most economically priced.

"Unlike most probes on the market that cost easily three times as much," Carmen continues, "the Wizard Vib-Probe was designed with input from the LA Police Department Crime Labs. The Wizard Vib-Probe incorporates the latest metal detection circuitry and practical, comfortable ergonomics."

The New Wizard Vib-Probe has a suggested list price of $39.95 making it the lowest cost high-quality probe on the market. Carmen states: "We have a commitment to supply quality products at reasonable prices. We're always baffled at why other manufacturers of pinpointing metal detectors demand such high prices. The technology is certainly advanced but it's not rocket science!"

Wizard Vib-Probes are available through all 5800 ACE Hardware Stores, hundreds of independent treasure seeking, archeological, police, security supply and other specialty suppliers, catalogs and retailers. The probes are packaged in a sealed plastic clamshell container with a four color insert card and also come with a full one-year warranty.To be a dealer of vendor see our wholesale order section at http://wizarddetectors.com/wizprobe.shtml

Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
Email: billy@wizarddistribution.com

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