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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
Email: billy@wizarddistribution.com

The new four-in-one tool that does more than its name implies

VAN NUYS, CA., July 1, 2001 /PR Newswire/-- Q: When is a stud finder not a stud finder? A: When it's the Wall Wizard Precision Stud Finder, the new four-in-one tool from Wizard Distribution. Wall Wizard brings to the home and professional handyman the power of an accurate stud finder along with the additional functions of an A/C voltage, D/C battery, polarity tester and portable metal detector.

Most stud sensors work by using sonar waves to measure the volume and mass of a wall in order to locate its studs. This method is inconsistent at best because a reading can change with dampness, patchwork and other defects in a wall's construction. The Wall Wizard, on the other hand, is consistently accurate thanks to its metal detecting capability. By simply locating the screws that hold dry wall onto walls, the Wall Wizard pinpoints a stud's exact location with no measuring, guessing, knocking or drilling of holes. Plus, there's no need for calibration each time it is turned on.

Turn the Wall Wizard over and its tip serves as an additional four tools. A/C electrical current (ranging from 12 to 600 VACs) and D/C voltage (over 9 volts) can easily be detected using the device. Simply hold the tip up to an electrical outlet or the positive post of a battery while grounding the negative post with your finger and viola. A flashing light and loud beep indicates active current. This function makes the Wall Wizard perfect for checking polarity.

Lastly, the Wall Wizard can be used as an economical handheld metal detector. This function makes it perfect for security purposes - detecting metal hiding on one's person or clothing - treasure seeking, and/or metal alloy testing. Most recently, several Wall Wizard Precision Stud Finders were ordered by an Australian medical group for the purpose of detecting metal fragments embedded in a patient's flesh (the device can detect a paper clip held tightly in a clenched fist). It's that versatile.

The price you pay for the Wall Wizard is even more impressive than its list of credentials. For four amazing tools in one, the Wall Wizard Precision Stud Finder costs a mere $19.95. The tool is highlighted on the Wall Wizard web site and is in many national hardware chains and mail order catalogs.

To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 888-346-3826 or visit the Wall Wizard website at www.wallwizard.com for additional information.

Press photo and electronic text available online at http://wizarddetectors.com/productimages.shtml