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Prescription Safety Glasses
Multi-Lens Safety Glasses With Three Lens Colors,
Bifocal and Prescription Inserts
Prescription Safety Glasses
Five Types
Of Safety Glasses In
One Frame!
 The Wizard Versa-Specs Multiple Lens Safety Glasses include Clear, Yellow, Grey, Bifocal and Prescription Insert Frames. Patent Pending

The Versa-Specs are the most significant advancement in the field of safety glasses since the release of the Wizard Bifocal Specs. These unique safety glasses provide the ability to instantly switch lens colors and types. They provide optically clear or tinted vision and additional bifocal lenses and prescription insert lens frame inserts.
Three lens tints: Clear, yellow, grey that can be easily switched inside the unique Versa-Specs frame.

Bifocal Lenses: (5 sizes to choose from) Provide un-magnified vision in the upper viewing field, and correction for presbyopia (lacking ability to focus on nearby objects) in the reading segments. With fully adjustable ear stems, and available in a range of bifocal powers, fit and comfort are assured. There is no need to wear reading glasses underneath your safety glasses ever again.

Total Adjustabilty For Maximum Comfort

Wholesale and Industrial Buyers
Call 248-382-5642

Wizard Versa-Specs safety glasses are available to meet the following prescriptions.

Check with your optometrist to find out what specifications you need.

Print this page to take to your eye doctor.
Order Now!
With Free Carry Pouch

Prescription Inserts: Provide the ability to have your lens prescription made by your eye care professional to fit the included insert lens frames.

Padded Carrying Case: Protects Versa-Specs and assorted lenses

The ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliant polycarbonate lenses also include UV protection.

Prod. #

Product Name and Description

77810 - 1.0 Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses, +1.0 Diopters
77815 -1.5 Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses, +1.5 Diopters
77820 - 2.0 Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses, +2.0 Diopters
77825 - 2.5 Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses, +2.5 Diopters
77830 - 3.0 Bifocal Reading Safety Glasses, +3.0 Diopters
Stylish, resiliente, durable frame
that accepts three colors of lenses,
bifocal lenses and prescription ready frame inserts.

Stylish, comfortable, can be worn at all times

Helps prevent accidents and mistakes by improving vision

For anyone who wears reading glasses and needs eye protection

Available in the following bifocal powers: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 & +3.0

Comes with clear, yellow and greay lenses

99.9% UV protection up to 380 nm
According to the year 2000 U.S. Census there are over 70 million Americans in the age brackets 40 to 65 years of age. Most of these individuals will require reading glasses, and a large proportion of them will need reading glasses in combination with protective safety glasses. Versa Specs is meeting an unfulfilled need!

Lenses are not guaranteed to be unbreakable. Liability is limited to replacement of glasses only. Discontinue use and replace immediately if lenses become cracked, crazed, scratched or pitted, or are subjected to a heavy impact. Not suitable for use with lasers, or other with any other radiation sources. Cleaning Instructions: Wash in mild soap and water. Rinse. Air dry or pat dry with clean soft tissue. Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaners.