Operating Room Surgical Drape Metal Detector
New For 2020 

Wizard OR 5.5 Surgical Instrument Wand - provides automatic tuning and pinpoint accuracy for recovering valuable surgical tools during operating room inspection and surgical drape disposal.

Now with automatic tuning and twice the detection capability, it is the first of its kind to use a laser line indicator, providing a more effective solution. The improved design means metal medical tools can now be detected with greater ease and precision.
surgical instrument detector

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Wizard OR 5.0 Surgical Instrument Wand
Surgical Instrument Detector System
with Laser Light Indicator and Automatic Tuning

Quickly Scan Surgical Drapes
Prior To Entering Bio Hazard Hamper


Surgical Instrument Detector Wand Use Suggestions

For most effective operation we strongly suggest the following…. 

To effectively reduce losses it is vital to segregate wires, cords, foil wrappers, and other metallic non-surgical instrument

items, etc into other disposal areas.  

To be effective segregation of copper cords, aluminum tabs, foils, wrappers, etc should

be done prior to use of the Wizard 5 Surgical Instrument Metal Detector. 

1. Use a fresh Duracell 9 volt battery. Battery power must be at least 8.4 volts. 

2. Before using for detecting instruments test and become accustomed to detection distances.

Start by experimenting with the smallest average item you wish to detect.   

Keep in mind the smaller the item the less distance the detector will detect it at. 

Larger items detect at a greater distance. Typically average detection distances area bout 4 to 8 inches. This is based on most small surgical instruments.  

If detecting through surgical drapes or other type fabric or paper materials it is best to fold the drapes flat then scan both sides of the drapes or folded materials.  

3. We recommend to develop your own protocols for detection and properly advise users prior to use. 

4. Proper training of staff is key to this detectors optimal performance and effective reduction of surgical instrument losses. 

Limitations of Metal Detection Wands:

All wand style metal detectors detect stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, and copper. Therefore proper segregation in disposal areas is very important. 

 For more information please see Wizind.com or email; Billy@wizind.com

Surgical Instrument Detector Hamper System
Available Mid 2019

Detects lost Surgical Instruments - Utensils, Tools Before Being Discarded. Used to reduce surgical instrumentation losses in the OR and an array of industry, commercial, laboratory,
scientific, manufacturing, packaging uses.

surgical instrument detector surgical instrument detector
Instrument Detector System
with Digital Counter Monitoring

Cut instrument loss by
at least 80%


Wizard Surgical Instrument Metal Detector™ Available 2019

Inquire to 248-382-5642 or see here for purchase information.  Patent Number 6833789
Patented Surgical Instrument and Utensil Detector detects lost Surgical Instruments - Utensils Before Being Discarded. Used for an array of medical, industry, commercial, laboratory, scientific, manufacturing, packaging uses.

The Wizard Surgical Instrument Detector™ Instrument Detector is a precision 360 degree loop metal detector constructed of heavy duty, injection molded Polycarbonate. 

Unique design fits onto surgical drape hamper stands (stand note included) or sits free standing on optional legs.

The Wizard Surgical Instrument Detector™ Surgical Instrument  and Utensil Detector instantly alerts user that a metallic object has passed through its opening allowing for immediate 
retrieval or reporting.

Used for loss prevention in medical, service, manufacturing, assembly, security and hundreds of other uses.

Wizard Hamper Detector™ incorporates a Digital Counter that increments by one each time there is a detection occurrence.

The Wizard Hamper Detector™ operates in either AC or DC mode by way of a self contained, rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack.

*Hamper Stand Not Included