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Precision Stud Finder

Instantly Locates Studs.
The Easiest Way To Find Studs Quickly

No Measuring
No Guessing
Pinpoints Wood &
Metal Studs Exact Location
Works on Wet and
Freshly Painted Walls
Works on Papered Walls
Even If Glue Is Still Wet
Locates Floor Joist
Under Carpeting
Works on Plywood, Particle
Board and Solid Woods
Detects Nails and Screws
Inside Recycled Woods
Detects Rebar Through
Detects Metal Under
Surface Of Wet Or Dry Soil

Not Affected By High
Humidity or Moisture

Fits Easily into Tool Belt or Pocket

The only stud finder that precisely locates studs and checks AC/DC polarity, tests for voltage, indicates static electricity, and detects metal.

The Wall Wizard precisely locates studs by detecting the screws which hold the drywall onto the studs. While other stud finders attempt to locate studs with sonar, the Wall Wizard effortlessly pinpoints a stud's exact location.

AC electrical current can quickly be detected from 12 to 600 VAC. The Wall Wizard is perfect for everyone from the home handyperson to professional contractors.

DC voltage over 9 volts can easily be indicated by using the Wall Wizard. Simply hold the tip of the Wall Wizard to the positive post on a battery while grounding the negative post with your finger. The Wall Wizard is also perfect for checking polarity.
The Wall Wizard is a precision stud finder. The Wall Wizards precisely locates studs inside of walls by locating the screws that holds dry wall onto studs. Unlike other stud sensors on the market.

Wall Wizards accuratley detect screws or nails that are used in holding the dry wall on to walls. Other stud sensors work (or don't work) by measuring the volume and mass of the wall to locate a stud. They are inconsistent in locating studs because the volume and mass of a wall may change due to dampness, patchwork or many other variables in wall construction.

Wall Wizards are consistently accurate because they simply locate the screws that hold the dry wall onto walls.Wall Wizards pinpoint the studs exact location, no measuring, guessing, knocking or drilling holes into walls. There's simply no better stud finder made.

And, there's more! The Wall Wizard is also a AC/DC voltage tester. It will tell you if an electrical plug has active current running through it, and if wiring has shorts or "cuts" in it's insulation. The Wall Wizard I also tests DC batteries, and can indicate small amounts of static electricity for testing electronic items such as circuit boards.

It's very simple. There is no better stud finder on the market.