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The Quick & Easy Way to Carry Bulky Loads!
  • Strap & Carry comes in three sizes:
  • Small, Medium and Large.
  • Use two for extra length, or to get a second handle on your load.
  • Heavy-duty sewn construction with polypropylene webbing.
  • Assorted colors for easy identification of luggage.
  • Quick and Easy to use
  • Folds for easy storage

Perfect for Easily Carrying Firewood
The Wizard Strap & Carry is the easy way to get a handle on bulky items. The unique design allows convenient one-handed carrying of appliances, bundles of firewood, lumber, luggage. In fact, anything that is bulky or awkward. Use a second Strap & Carry to get two handles on a larger load, or for extra strap-down security. Double up two Straps for extra length. The Strap & Carry is versatile, convenient, and cost-effective.
Easily Strap and Carry™ Lumber, Logs and Boards.

Makes carrying bulky heavy and often dirty or dusty items a breeze. perfect for carrying firewood!
Quickly and Safely Strap and Carry™ Computers, Small Applainces and Machines.

Reduce the hassle of lifting hard to hold items. Allows easier lifting and carrying with less strain.
Strap and Carry™ Luggage To Have A Better Grip And To Increase Security And Visibility

Add strength and security while adding a easier to grip, stronger strap handle. Bright color adds easier identification on luggage conveyors.
Use The Strap and Carry™ To Bundle and Easily Transport Boxes and Cartons.

Allows stacked boxes and cartons to be easily carried with far less back and shoulder strain.
There's almost no end to the ways to use a Strap and Carry™.

Three sizes to choose from:
Large 84" 46"
Med. 56" 35"
Small 40" 26"
Strap & Carry Product Specifications:
Size Max Min Stock # UPC Code
Large 84" 46" 47104 021633471043
Med. 56" 35" 47102 021633471029
Small 40" 26" 47100 021633471005
Color/s: Assorted
Packaging Type: Clamshell
Package Dimensions:
Height 12.5"; Width 3.5"; Thickness 1 1/4", Weight 4.4 Oz. (Large)
Master Carton: 30 units, 12 x 24 x 6 inches 10 pounds.
Construction: High-Strength Polypropylene webbing and
Hook & Loop fasteners.

Built by Wizard Distribution July, 2000.
Wizard products are manufactured and
distributed by Wizard Distribution, Inc