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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO

March 2, 2003


Thanks to the Little Wizard Bird Shot Detector, removing elusive shot from your game birds has just become quicker and easier.

Van Nuys, California Wizard Industries, Inc. has just announced the launch of a new product for game bird hunters. The Little Wizard Bird Shot Detector is a portable, hand-held metal detector that can be used in the field, in the kitchen, or at the grill, to help ensure that game birds are free from unwanted shot.

Game bird hunters everywhere love their sport, and savor the taste of a good bird fresh off the grill. Biting into a piece of shot that wasn’t found during cleaning can make even the tastiest meal unpleasant.

“It’s a real tooth-saver,” says Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. “Biting into shot, and risking a broken tooth can really spoil an otherwise great meal.”

The Little Wizard can help locate hidden shot in quail, duck, pheasant, and other game birds. With simple one-handed operation, it is quick and easy enough for anyone to use. With battery life of up to 40 hours, the Little Wizard can even last a whole season off a single 9 Volt battery.

It responds equally well to most types of metal shot found in commercially sold shells. Keeping the Little Wizard sanitary is as simple as wrapping it in Saran Wrap or other plastic before use. Discard the plastic after use, and never worry about contaminating your food.

The Little Wizard has been recently re-engineered with many subtle improvements. It’s now better than ever. “We’re excited to introduce this product to the hunting market,” says Carmen, “especially since it has been so well received in other markets. And we know we can help make bird cleaning more easier, and more complete,” he continued.

Wizard Industries also manufactures and markets the Shooting Specs, Bifocal Safety Glasses for hunting and firearms use. Shooting Specs are available with clear, high-contrast yellow, or gray lenses. All will be available through hunting, fishing, and select department stores across the country, in January 2003.

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