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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
August 26, 2003


By greatly reducing the cost of replacing accidentally discarded flatware, the Wizard™ Profit Detective Restaurant Metal Detector will save the hospitality industry lots of money.

Van Nuys, California - Wizard Industries, Inc., makers of the popular Wizard™ Security Metal Detectors and Woodworking Metal Detectors, recently announced the release of the Wizard Profit Detective Restaurant Metal Detector.

This remarkable new product is available for immediate delivery. "We've spent the past three years developing this products and have finally began production in the USA," said Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. "The response to the initial release has been overwhelmingly positive. Restaurant owners can't wait to get them and begin cutting the expenses caused by lost flatware," he noted.

The Wizard™ Profit Detective Restaurant Detector is a loop type metal detector designed to alert service staff and kitchen staff whenever a metal object such as flatware or silverware, is accidentally discarded with food scraps or other trash. By sounding an immediate alert, the employee is able to quickly retrieve the discarded flatware. Unlike magnetic devices, it can detect expensive high-nickel flatware and silverware. "Staff have their awareness raised, and good habits are reinforced by the unit," according to several restaurant owners and managers.

The detector is key-operated, so employees cannot circumvent the detector. "This feature was requested by many of the restaurant operators that have been involved with the development testing over the past several years," said Carmen. "Only supervisors, or those holding the keys, can turn the detector on or off."

The detector fits snugly onto a 32 gallon (or equivalent) garbage can, the most commonly used trash receptacle in restaurants. "We consulted many restaurant owners, hoteliers, and restaurant suppliers before deciding to match our product to this popular garbage can," Carmen noted. A Slim Jim compatible unit is also in the making and should release in a few months.

Larger, busy restaurants can spend thousands of dollars annually replacing flatware. The relatively low cost of the restaurant detector (MSRP $675.00) means that it can pay for itself in a very short time. "We've already had tons of inquiries from large restaurant chains who want them in every one of their restaurants." Noted Carmen. "Clearly, the demand for this product is huge."

The Patented Wizard™ Restaurant Detector is available from Wizard Industries, Inc. 866-781-8033 or online at http://WizardDetectors.com .

High resolution images are available at http://wizind.com/productimages.shtml
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To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 866-781-8033 or visit the Wizard Industries, Inc. website for additional information.