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Wizard Detectors is pleased to offer Logging Metal Detectors

Logging Metal Detectors

Hand Held Units

Whole Log Systems:
Shielded Coil System

Under Conveyor Style Metal Detectors:
Standard L240 With A10 Search Coil
High Powered LS345 With A20 Search Coil


Model P-3000 Portable Metal Detector is a lightweight, sturdy, reliable unit designed to help you locate metal in logs or standing timber.

model P-4000 is a fully automated unit. No manual adjustments are required. Simply turn on and let it work as hard as you do. Runs ten hours on a full charge. Regulated power prevents loss of sensitivity as battery charge is depleted.


Radax A60/A40 Search Coil... designed to greatly enhance detection of long thin pieces of metal--such as nails--in all orientations. The coil is custom built with the inside opening size of the coil determined by the maximum log diameter plus adequate clearance to allow for a metal free conveyor section and log irregularity. However, minimum practical coil size should be specified since smaller coils have higher sensitivity. The RADAX A60 is best for scanning logs due to its six search faces and their closeness to the log surface. Depending on the type of conveyor, the square RADAX A40 may be more practical to install.



Shield X A-10 Coil


Under Conveyor Style Metal Detectors:

Model L240 Control Instrument has proven itself in hundreds of installations in the United States, Canada, and in other countries. In combination with a Shielded Search Coil it is highly cost efficient and effective in almost all operating environments. Custom built Fiberglass sections for the Search Coil installation area are also available.


Fiberglass Sections

large heavy duty fiberglass sections are designed to provide the required metal free conveyor section for Metal Detectors with A30, A50, HEX, RADAX A60 and A40 Search Coil Systems.
These systems provide quality metal detection for scanning logs or other large bulky materials.

Sections are usually 1" thick and are custom built for each application.

Additional features such as reinforced areas, stiffening ribs, UHMW liners and special cross section configurations may be incorporated.