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Wizard Industries TV, Print News and Press Releases

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Newspaper Articles
Business News

Los Angeles Daily News -Billy Carmen Interview
San Fernando Valley Business Journal -
Billy Carmen Interview

Press Releases

Little Wizard Sewing Detector Launched
Lumber Wizard III Launched
Security Wizard III Launched
New Sport Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses
Bifocal safety Glasses For Woodworkers
Birdshot Detector Launched
Secure Quick Earthquake Products
Little Wizard Product Update
Sample Rewards Free Products Website
Wall Wizard Stud Finder Updated
Restaurnant Metal Detector Announced
Industrial Wide Bifocal Safety Glasses

Measure Level Enhanced Version
Measure Level Multi-Use Tool
EZ Sand Pro Sanding Accessory
National Magazine Reviews

Bifocal Safety Glasses Press

Smart Money Magazine
Smart Money Magazine PDF version
Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine
Weekend Woodcrafts Magazine PDF version

Australian Hardware Journal Magazine
Australian Hardware Journal Magazine PDF version

The Australian Woodworker Magazine
The Australian Woodworker Magazine PDF version

Fine Woodworking Magazine
Fine Woodworking Magazine PDF version
Wooden Boat Magazine
Wooden Boat Magazine PDF version
American Woodworker
American Woodworker magazine PDF version Tools
Tools of The Trade Magazine PDF version
Handyman Club of America Magazine
Handyman Club of America Magazine PDF version

Atlantic Construction Journal Article PDF version

Newspaper Tool Reviews

Halifax Sunday News

Halifax Sunday News PDF version
Halifax Daily News
Halifax Daily News Tool Review PDF version

Halifax Daily News May 5th, 2002


Industry quotes:

Fastest selling Woodworking Tool in 2 years....
Woodcraft Supply

The 10 Best New Woodworking Tools of 2001....
Five Star Rating.....
Graham McCulloch, Halifax Daily News

Finally an Innovative Woodworking Tool that eliminates costly blade replacements... Eagle America

Handyman Club of America Magazine Rates Well Above 3 (with 4 as best).... Kevin Maginn, Massena, NY:
"This tool worked excellently in detecting metal in wood and saved me from damaging a saw blade".
A must have...
Tools of the Trade Industry Magazine

Affordably Great....
Woodworker West Magazine

The Little Wizard is inexpensive insurance against serious shop damage...
Wooden Boat Magazine

It can't be beat....
American Woodworker Magazine

"I´┐Żll be might glad to have one of these detectors handy"....
Strother Purdy Reviewer For Fine Woodworking Magazine

"Let me tell you, it works great".....
Carl Hagstrom Of

"Nothing else quite like it!"......
Hartville Tool

"Will save your equipment and money".....
Eagle-America Tools

"Paid for itself today, --- It located a bolt buried three inches down
in a 12x12"
Chuck Kimball Reviewer on

Additional Press Information

High resolution print images are available at:


High resolution print images are available at: