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Woodworking Metal Detector

2019 Woodworkers of Central Ohio With Their Little Wizard's
Precision Metal Detector For Locating Nails, Screws
And Other Metal Inside New and Recycled Wood.

Our Most Powerful Woodworking Detector
Instantly Locates Metal Inside Recycled Wood, New Wood or Timber

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The Little Wizard easily detects nails, screws and buried metal objects inside recycled wood. Use the Little Wizard to save valuable planers, saws, sanders and drills.

The Little Wizard can precisely locate studs in walls by detecting the screws which hold the drywall onto the studs. It is also a precision handheld metal detector that can be used for treasure seeking or and pinpointing.

The Most Economical Portable Metal Detector Available

The Little Wizard is a precision handheld metal detector designed especially for woodworkers. Perfect for scanning recycled wood for screws and nails before planing, routing, sanding or sawing, and other forms of metal detection.

The Little Wizard accurately indicates metal buried inside recycled wood by emitting a high pitch beep tone and illuminating an array of LED lights. The Little Wizard can pinpoint the exact location of metal. No guessing, extensive physical searching or unnecessary visual searching is needed with the Little Wizard.

To use the Little Wizard II put in a fresh, quality brand 9-volt battery (we suggest Duracell). Turn the unit on, tune it and get familiar with its detection with bare metals. The sweep in a crosshatch manner over wood. We suggest scanning both directions always scanning between cuts. 

The Little Wizard is widely used by woodworkers everywhere.

Its small size and unique detection strength allow it to be used to quickly detect damaging nails, screws and other dangerous metal buried inside of wood. The Little Wizard's adjustable sensitivity makes pinpointing easy and accurate. The Little Wizard precisely indicates metal by emitting a high pitch beep tone and illuminating an array of LED lights.

Tips Welcome!!!!  Here's a couple and we'd love to hear your tips too...  

When you get your Little Wizard out of its package and powered with a Brand New Duracell 9 volt Battery please follow this advice from Billy Carmen CEO of Wizards. 

The first thing to do is become one with the detector... Seriously. It is your only eyes and ears inside wood..... So when it arrives, get a brand new Duracell battery. Don't mess around with the cheap ones and don't just grab one from a drawer.

Then power it up and really get to know the tuning and testing so as to get the best tune you can at each use. Try objects in mid-air so as to get familiar. It will detect the same through space or solid. Knowing what the detector is capable of doing is the goal.

Once you really are in tune with the instrument begin experimenting on real wood. Detect area to be cut by scanning the detector over all sides. Do small cuts initially and run the detector over any surface and side prior to each cut.

If you go a while without finding anything count your lucky stars and keep detecting!!! Eventually, you are gonna hit something and you can remove it before your nice new sharp blade slices it in half..... We all want to greatly reduce that from happening. So be frequent and methodical about scanning surfaces prior to cutting.

I'm here for you 100%. I created the Little and Lumber Wizards about 20 years ago and folks seem to love them. They do help keep us out of messes. I always love hearing from folks who use our products. We love seeing pictures and videos of how folks use the tools too. Keep me posted and remember I'm always here for ya 100%...

Thanks a ton,
Billy c.

There's simply no better economical, portable metal detector made.

It will save your steel woodworking blades and knives....

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