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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
November 11, 2002


Wizard Industries new Measure Level is being widely regarded as one of the greatest new combo tools for professional installers and Do-it-Yourselfers.

Van Nuys, California - The newest item in Wizard Industries' ever-expanding line of tools is the Wizard Measure Level. This is more than a level, and more than a straight edge. As proclaimed on the packaging, it is "the Measuring, Marking, Circling, Leveling, Scribing, Edging, so you can save time tool." The Measure Level combines a straight edge ruler with a level, and unique movable pointer blocks, giving it an incredible array of functions and applications.

"Our testers have put the Measure Level through its paces, and given it unanimous approval," says Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. "They're calling it a 'real time-saver,' a 'God-send' and many wished it was available when they doing their last installation," he continued.

The key features of the patent-pending Measure Level are the stainless steel pointers. These can be quickly set at any point along the ruler, and be used to leave a small dimple mark in a wall with pinpoint accuracy. The mark is perfect for accurately placing nails, screws, or drill bits. It makes hanging curtains, pictures, and cabinets a breeze. The bubble level, which can also be moved to any point along the ruler, makes keeping the marks perfectly level a cinch. By pivoting the unit and "walking" the unit along a wall, virtually unlimited distances can be measured and marked.

Woodworkers and home finishers use the Measure Level to scribe or draw perfect circles, curves and arcs on wood, plaster, or other surfaces. It can help plumbers and electricians install fixtures with consistently accurate results. It's easy to mark complex patterns and layouts by using the vertical and horizontal levels, and adjusting the pointers to desired distances on the fly.

"We were so amazed by the simplicity and versatility of this invention," says Carmen, "that we were anxious to bring it to market."

That amazement was shared by all who tested and used the product. Incredibly simple to use, the Measure Level allows one person to easily complete jobs that would otherwise take two people, a level, string, pencil, tape measure, and a lot more hassle. It can take the place of a straight edge or level, and can leave a mark without a pencil with pinpoint accuracy.

With lighter pressure, the pointers won't leave a visible mark, but still allow accurate placement and pivoting, and prevent accidental slipping of the unit. How many times has your straight edge slipped when trying to mark a wall?

The product is being launched in North America in November, and will be available at fine hardware stores and art and framing supply stores across the country.

- end -