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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO

October 5, 2001


Leading manufacturer of detection equipment introduces newest product as an affordable aid in the fight against terrorism.

Van Nuys, California -- In its continuing effort to provide the best in security detection equipment, Wizard Industries--a leading manufacturer of high-quality detection equipment and makers of the popular WIZARD™ brand of security metal detectors--has introduced the latest in high quality, economical metal detectors, perfect for both corporate and consumer use: The Wizard Mail and Package Scanning Detector.

Providing high sensitivity detection at a low cost, The Mail and Package Scanning Detector was engineered with state-of-the-art circuitry and a user-friendly design. Its wide-mouth pass-through scanning loop, convenient safety handle and tabletop stand make the detector perfect for both handheld and desktop usage.

The Wizard Mail and Package Scanning Detector can scan stacks of letters, envelopes and even small packages up to 12" by 6" by any length, in a single pass. An advanced coil and circuit board combination provides increased sensitivity and detection range making it possible to detect triggering mechanisms, weapons and small metal objects in mail or parcels. A single 9-volt battery provides up to 60 hours of normal operation.

"Following the terrorist attacks on September 11th we received numerous inquiries for detectors that could be used to check packages and envelopes for metal," says Wizard CEO Billy Carmen.

"In early April of this year we had developed a unique and powerful tabletop detector that is ideal for this purpose. It is already widely used by woodworkers to locate small metal objects such as nails and screws in recycled wood" continued Carmen." The item was already in full production and we have simply tripled production to fill the increase in orders brought about by the recent attacks on America."

High quality, strong sensitivity, and low cost make this a perfect--and much needed--security tool for corporate customers, prisons, hospitals, government agencies and consumers. Wizard has reached agreements with ACE Hardware, Office Superstores and other national retailers making this and the popular wand-style Security Wizard metal detector easy to find.

According to Carmen, "Under recent circumstances we're reluctant to celebrate the quick success of our line of security metal detectors, but we find solace in knowing we may help save life or limb in the future."

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