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Outside of manufacturing worldclass products, Wizard Industries , Inc. also owns Wizard Distribution which offers complete product distribution and order fulfillment solutions and is ready to handle all of your distribution, storage, inventory management, pick/pack order processing, return processing and shipping needs. The company's goal is to act as an extension of your business, leaving you valuable time to focus on increasing sales and expanding your customer base.

Founded and grown on the success of over 45 Wizard Industries own products, we have developed a unique distribution model that efficiently transports products to market. Over the past six years Wizard Industries has become well known for the Wizard brand of unique products and widely recognized for the special way we distribute our products as well as other manufacturers products. Currently Wizard Distribution has over 1200 products to choose from for distribution to retailers and dealers around the world.

Wizard Distribution prides itself on the ability to create innovative custom fulfillment solutions for each of its suppliers and clients, while furthering the customer's competitive edge through special pricing (made possible by the company's long-standing relationships within the shipping industry). By working one-on-one with our patrons, Wizard Industries, Inc. sees itself more as a partner - a distinction that differentiates us from the competition. Lastly, Wizard Industries, Inc. offers its suppliers and customers tremendous value reflecting the company's commitment to providing a cost-effective service with the attention that its clients deserve.

To have your product evaluated to be distributed by
Wizard Distribution please call 248-382-5642.

Wizard Distribution:

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Holly, MI 48442
Tel: 248-382-5642

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