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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
July 5, 2004


On the heels of the very successful Safety Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses, Wizard Industries
announces the new Sport Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses, available now

Van Nuys, California: Wizard Industries´ Safety Specs have received much praise and adulations from the press, from mechanics, shop workers, woodworkers, and others for the combining the convenience of reading glasses with ANSI compliant safety glasses. Wizard has now released the Safety Sport Specs, a new stylish design that combines sporting good looks and comfort, with the already popular protective eyewear.

"These are bifocal safety glasses with style," notes Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. "We've manufactured them to the same standards, but given them a modern, wraparound design," he continued.

The new Safety Sport Specs are ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliant glasses, and offer full frontal impact protection. Side protection is provided by the wraparound design that comfortably hugs the curve of the face. But the feature that sets them apart from most other wraparound glasses is the built-in bifocal reading segment.

The glasses feature a 28 mm flat-top bifocal reading segment, and are available in strengths from 1.0 diopter to 3.0 diopter in .5 diopter increments.

Millions of people over 40 need reading glasses to see fine print. These glasses give these people the ability to have proper eye protection, and allow easy reading of plans, instructions and computer screens. They can help prevent accidents by allowing better close-up vision of fine detail work.

"We're really happy to add the Safety Sport Specs to our safety eyewear line of protective eyewear." "Our original Safety Specs offered great protection, but because of their larger size, some people would only wear them in the shop. The new style is more comfortable and fashionable", continued Carmen.

The Safety Sport Specs are now available at hardware, woodworking, automotive and specialty tool, auto parts and sporting goods stores at a retail cost of $12.95, making them the lowest priced on the market.

The full line of Wizard Shop Specs are currently available from Wizard Industries http://shopspecs.com and through fine woodworking and hardware stores.

- end -

Editors Note: High-resolution images are available at http://shopspecs.com/productimages.shtml
Samples for editors available by request to billy@wizind.com or call 866-781-8033

To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 866-781-8033 or visit the Wizard Industries, Inc. website for additional information.