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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO


SEPTEMBER 16, 2004


Wizard Industries, a leading manufacturer of metal detection equipment, steps up production to meet the market demands of new security wand.

Van Nuys, California: Wizard Industries, a leading manufacturer of high-quality detection equipment, and makers of the popular Wizard line of metal detectors, announced today that they have experienced increased demand for their security metal detectors from city and state departments, law enforcement, military, security companies, schools and hospitals.

With the requirements for personal searches constantly increasing worldwide, Wizard has stepped up production of the updated Security Wizard III at its manufacturing facility to accommodate the demand.

According to Wizard C.E.O. Billy Carmen, "With the need for homeland security becoming more and more important, the demand for quality, cost effective and easy-to-use security wand has become even more evident." Carmen continued, "Our recently re-designed Security Wizard III definitely fills that demand."

Providing high-sensitivity metal detection at a low cost, the Security Wizard III was designed as a user-friendly alternative to more expensive security wands. Since the launch of the original Security Wizard three years ago, reviews of the product have been glowing. According to several leading security equipment dealers, "The Security Wizard III was much more sensitive and effective than others we tried."
The Security Wizard retails for $99.95, a price point much lower than comparable detectors from other manufacturers. Featuring a tough injection molded construction and an advanced detection coil and circuitry that provides increased sensitivity and simplicity of use, the Security Wizard III weighs only 17½ ounces. The Security Wizard III 's dimensions (3" wide, 19" long, and 1.25" thick) not only enhance its handling, but also give it a recognizable shape. It has an audio alert, a visual LED alert, and a silent vibration alert mode making it ideal for use in loud situations, or locations where quiet is required. A single 9-volt battery provides up to 40 hours of normal operation.

It's quick, one-handed operation and automatic self-calibration make it a snap to use with minimal training. "You can learn to use the wand in under a minute," noted Carmen.

Even prior to the recent rise in Homeland Security awareness, Wizard's metal detectors were available through security dealers and hardware stores such as Ace Hardware and Fry's Electronics across the country. "They are affordable, easy to get, easy to use, and ideal for the task," noted Carmen.

The Security Wizard III is available through Wizard Industries, Inc at http://SecurityScanners.com or by calling 866-781-8033
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Editors Note: High-resolution images available at http://wizdist.com/productimages.shtml
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