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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO
March 3, 2004

New Lumber Wizard III available in Q2 2004

Popular woodworking metal detector features new circuitry, foolproof one-handed operation

Van Nuys, California - Wizard Industries' Lumber Wizard woodworking metal detector has received a lot of praise since its launch in 1999. The newest model, dubbed the Lumber Wizard III, is now shipping and features great improvements in ease of operation and reliability. It is sure to be a hit with woodworkers everywhere.

"We're excited about the latest version of the Lumber Wizard," says Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries. "It's much easier to use, quicker to set up, and can now be operated easily with one hand."

"To use the new Lumber Wizard III, just push the on-off button and it's ready to use," says Carmen. "Our customers wanted an easier-to-use detector, and we've accomplished that with this new model."

The Lumber Wizard, designed especially to meet the needs of woodworkers, features a highly sensitive detection coil, more sensitive than comparable and expensive "security" metal detectors. It has been optimized to pick up small fragments of metal that may be hidden inside new or used lumber. The new Lumber Wizard III hasn't lost any of that sensitivity or detection capability.

The new model features the same ergonomic design, allowing close scanning of lumber without scraping knuckles. Switchable audio and vibration alerts allow easy use in noisy workshops. Fine-tuning, which is usually a one-time operation thanks to the improved circuitry, is still possible by an easily accessible tuning screw.

The detection circuitry itself has also been revised. Sensitivity to metals, including brass, copper, steel, and aluminum, hasn't been sacrificed, while the new circuitry more easily avoids false positives from ground balance, mineralization, and movement. The result is a more reliable detector.

Retailing at an affordable $99.95, the new Lumber Wizard III can pay for itself the first time a planer or saw blade is saved from damage by hidden metal inside lumber.

"We're very excited about these improvements to an already indispensable product for woodworkers. We know our customers will be too," concluded Carmen.

Note: High Resolution Images are available at: http://wizdist.com/productimages.shtml

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To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 866-781-8033 or visit the Wizard Industries, Inc. website for additional information.