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Contact: Billy Carmen, CEO

June 11th, 2004


Wizard Industries announces the release of the Shop Specs Bifocal Safety Glasses, the first to feature built-in bifocal magnification.

Van Nuys, California - Wizard Industries, Inc., makers of the innovative Wizard Line of specialty products for Woodworkers, has just announced the newest addition to its product line, the Wizard Shop Specs.

Wizard Shop Specs are an exciting advancement in shop safety and convenience. These comfortable and stylish safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 requirements for impact resistance and safety. They will help protect a shop worker's eyes from flying debris in the wood shop, metal manufacturing shop, in factories and other workplaces. But these protective glasses are different. These are the only safety glasses on the market with built-in bifocal magnifiers and integrated side shields.

"We're truly excited about this new product," said Wizard CEO, Billy Carmen. "It's a product that makes sense for the millions of shop workers who also use reading glasses." Since their release the Shop Specs have become a very fast selling safety item in both commercial and consumer markets, with users purchasing multiple units for work and home shops.

The Wizard Shop Specs improve safety in more ways than one. They protect the eyes from flying debris, as do many other safety glasses. According to Carmen, "These glasses also help prevent accidents in the first place, by providing clearer vision to those who use them."

Available in the most commonly used strengths of +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5 and +3 diopters, the Wizard Shop Specs' optically clear lenses do not affect normal long distance vision. The dual curvature mono-lenses provide better close-up vision to those who normally wear reading glasses. This allows workers and hobbyists to do more precise work, with improved safety and convenience.

Having magnification built in to the glasses also means that workers are more likely to wear the highly protective glasses, instead of ordinary reading glasses that do not provide adequate protection, especially from the side. No longer is it necessary to wear reading glasses under safety glasses,

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or constantly swap between reading and safety. With adjustable temple pieces, and panascopic angle adjustments, a perfect, comfortable fit is ensured.

"We believe this product will help reverse the notion of safety glasses being a 'hindrance,' and make them more a convenient, comfortable and helpful tool that people will want to use," emphasized Carmen.

The Wizard Shop Specs are available from Wizard Industries and through many woodworking, tool and hardware stores across the country.

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To order or find a retailer, contact Wizard Industries, Inc. at 866-781-8033 or visit the Wizard Industries, Inc. website for additional information.