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4x4 Post Holder Post Support For Decking 
and Railing or Other Post Support Needs

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Manufactured for Wizard Industries, Inc
Holly, MI USA


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4 X 4 Support handrail support flange for permanent or temporary hand, fence,
deck, porch railing or post mounting.


Made from paintable ABS plastic.

4 X 4 post support flange for permanent or temporary hand, fence, deck,
porch railing or post mounting.

Heavy Duty High Impact ABS Plastic Provides Strength That Last For Decades Under Proper Installation and Use.

Mounts with #8 Deck Screws on Bottom Flange (we suggest at least long enough so
screw threads penetrate completely through the surface your are mounting onto along with the framework of the deck and #6 Deck Screws on top (top screws can be as short as one inch).

Use proper quality deck screws. * Never Use Drywall Screws. Screws Not Included.

*Depending on mills standards some sanding may be required for fit.

. Ideal for use as base support for installations that have proper structural
framing and structural members.

Proper structural design for safety must be used.

Always follow building and safety codes when using post supports.

Much better looking than the flimsy metal ones. Plus these provide 20 countersunk
holes for a more appealing look.

Local building codes are often very specific about the construction of deck railings and posts. In many jurisdictions, deck railings must be between 32 inches and 48 inches in height, maximum space between balusters is 3-1/2 inches, balusters must be larger than ¾ inch and they must not be climbable for child safety. In other locations, there are no building codes for deck railings and it is up to the builder to design and construct for safety.
Be certain to check your local building code for proper safety and regulations.



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Internal support ribbing provides ample strength.

Simple yet stylish curves provide pleasing looks.

Made of ultra strong ABS plastic that lasts for many decades.

4x4 post support railing support

Quickly mounts to posts and deck floor.

4x4 post support

Easily Make Tables, Benches and other legged items.

4x4 post support

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